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Tips for washing down jacket

Before washing, you should make it immersed in water for a while, 바카라사이트 and 우리카지노이벤트 then brush collar, cuffs and some other parts of a down jacket which are so easy to stain lightly with a soft brush .And of course before washing, all the zipper should be pulled.
You need to realize the fact that washing frequently will damage the down which is filled with a down jacket down, so on the premise of keeping clean , washing as little as possible as is requested.

Firstly, be sure to wash by your hands. Inside the down jacket, there is a washing instruction to be sued, which alert you to wash by your hands, and that dry deaning is harmful to the down jacket because dry syrup that is used will not only affect the quality of keeping warm , but also make fabric aging.
Using washing machines and stirring after being screwed down jacket will easily lead to uneven filling of the down making and being out of shape so that affect the appearance and 바카라사이트 quality of keeping warm.

secondly, rinse using water at the temperature of 30 degrees.
You had better put the down jacket into the cold water first for 20 minutes so that it can be wet fully including inside and outside. Then you need to dissolve the detergent in warm water of 30 degrees and make the down jacket soaked into it for about a quarter of an hour.

After that , you can gently scrub with a soft brush. It also can contribute to more sufficient dissolution of detergent to rinse with warm water,and 우리카지노총판 in some degree,the down jacket can be relatively clean.
Thirdly,don not use the washing powder of overly high density.
If you would like to use washing powder to wash a down jacket, it is more appropriate to put only 4 to 5 tablespoons of washing powder every two basins. If the density of it is too high, it is more difficult to make the down jacket clean. Meanwhile, the detergent residue in the down jacket will have a bad effect on it so that down will become less fluffy , whichsharply reduce the insulation.

Fourthly: a kind of neutral detergent is the best choice.
Please use neutral detergent to clean the jacket rather than strong detergent, bleacher and fabric softener. Once you use basic detergent and can not remove the residuaal sufficiently, the residual may damage the surface of your down jacket. If you want to remove the residual alkaline detergent, you can rinse twice in warm water later, add two teaspoons of vinegar, and make it soaked for a while .

Fifthly: 우리카지노 you can not wring it.
After washing a down jacket, please do not wring it. Instead ,water should be squeezed out. After that, the down jacket can be hang or tiled . It is not allowed to expose your down jacket under so strong sunshine and make it ironed.
If you can do like that ,Iassure that you down jacket can be worn for so many years. Therefore, 카지노사이트 try it.

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